Las Cicadas is a holiday home.

The 600 year-old Finca is set in a large olive plantation and surrounded by green mountains.We enjoy a perfect location a short walk from the village of Santa Gertrudis, in the heart of the island and just minutes drive from anywhere

A large swimming pool and mature gardens make this an ideal home for families or groups of friends.


We have 6 bedrooms for up-to 12 guests.

The interior rooms share one common foyer with sofas and a selection of art and design books.
The exterior rooms offer more privacy and open out into a patio with plants and seating, a perfect place to enjoy an evening drink.

It’s not possible to rent individual rooms

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Chill out under a shady tree on the lawn, splash in the pool, relax in the living room, entertain guests in the enormous barn and patios, have dinner in the garden, stroll through the fields…

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